Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Fact: There is no liberal media on cable

In fact, it is worse than that. With a few exceptions, your television is the Republican living in your house.

So, what needs to be done?

What needs to be done is a national "drop cable" day. Said day would take place in summer when people watch less television.This campaign, if "marketed" correctly through the blogosphere, would allow people to exercise power through economic boycott. If one million subscribers did it, "drop cable day" would represent, at a minimum, a potential loss of half a billion dollars a year to the cable industry.The scariest part for the industry would be if some previous cable subscribers did not come back.Could you imagine the revenue fall off of advertising rates? Imagine how it would empower the blogosphere in general. There are so many democrats and independants hungry for a way to express their collective anger at the quasi dictatorship of GWB, and his media machine. This would give them a way to express their anger. I think the hard part would be getting everyone to wait until some specific date, but that would be the way it would be most effective.


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