Saturday, January 15, 2005

The other Washington

Hello, and welcome to my blog.

I would like this blog to be for people who wanted Kerry to win, and were shaking their heads that 56 million people could vote for the W.oe last november.

Do you think that this country has gone nuts? Me too.

Example: Our president goes around talking about a bankrupt Social Security system that every expert agrees is good untill 2018. Yet, he seems to show no concern about borrowing 1.3 billion A DAY to fund his excellent adventure's in Iraq, and his political donors tax cuts. Note to Repub's: deficit01+deficit02+deficit03........= National debt, dumbasses!

Insanity? C'est Bush!

Here in Washington state, we have our own little band of putschers. It seems the republicans came out of an election without the proper amount of gerrrymandering. So now they want a re-vote for governor. Never mind it is illegal. When does that ever stop the Republicans?

A revote, the most American of traditions. I hope the Christine Gregoire, our new governor, takes out the political meat pounder, and doesn't stop hitting them, until the white meat shows.

Before there is a re-vote maybe some people should think about how the Bush family's re-war in Iraq is going. Those are not roses being thrown at our brave soldiers in Baghdad.

Is it just me, or does W.oe have the tell tale look of a lame duck to you?

He always reminded me of a kid I once knew on my little league team. Sometimes, after a game, the team would go out for pizza. This kid ,who came from a wealthy family, would give the rest of us money for video games. He wanted to be liked, and this was his way of currying favor.
W.oe's political game has always reminded of this kid.

Now I see W.oe as I saw the kid after his father left the pizza parlor. No more cash, and his bought off friends are dissipating like smoke on a windy day.


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